I am a Seattle-based outdoor photographer with primary interests in adventure travel, landscape, nature  and mountain lifestyle photography.  I spend a portion of the year as a mountain and ski guide, leading trips on Mt Rainier and throughout the Cascade Range of Washington State, as well as international trips to some of the world's great mountain regions including the Alaska Range, the Andes of Peru and Chilean Patagonia, Antarctica, and Kilimanjaro.  At home in the Cascades, I enjoy the anticipation of discovery, and love exploring new places just to see what is over the next ridge.  Photography has become a vehicle for deepening this approach, and communicating the core of what I experience in the world.  My hope is that some of that experience comes through as you view the photos.  

Please contact me if you have any questions about my work or would like to purchase prints.  Most images are available as prints up to 16 x 24″, and some larger.

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