The wonder of the woods, all over again

With each day, our daughter explores new territory.  Whether its the back corner of the closet in her room, or a new outdoor adventure, watching her expand her world view one moment at a time is sublime.   Her first backpacking trip to a Cascadian alpine lake tucked in amongst evergreens and autumn foliage yielded many of these.  There's always something else to discover around the next corner.  My hope is that her life journey never ceases to provide wonder about herself and the world in which we live. 

A first taste of warm soup on an autumn evening in camp

A first taste of warm soup on an autumn evening in camp

New Film Lessons

Like many others, my photographic journey began long ago with film.  That's all there was at that point.  And I had no idea how to use a camera for proper exposure, or anything else for that matter.  After setting it aside for many years, followed by a steep learning curve with digital, I have looked down in surprise to find my old film camera in my hands again every so often.  The lessons are different now, and the approach is far more focused.  The results are, hopefully, more enjoyable.  One of the joys of film is forgetting about a certain frame until the scans come back.  I had completely forgotten about this one.

Spring on Puget Sound   ~     Kodak Ektar 100

Spring on Puget Sound   ~   Kodak Ektar 100